I love my church because...

This church has become my family. In my wildest plans and dreams I could have never guessed where God and the love of this church would carry me and my family. I could write a book on this church and the love shown to us.
— David H.
I have seen the heart of Jesus in how our church ministers to the broken.
— Tara S.
There is a good mix of people at different points in their walk with Christ.
— Melanie M.
This church is a source of happiness, faith & love. People here serve the Lord in all areas. People display their talents for others to see and follow. God is present within these walls.
— Cathy C.
I am accepted as me. I have faults, but am forgiven. I make mistakes, but am forgiven. I do things the wrong way – for the right reason or desire – but am forgiven. This church loves like Jesus. No one is perfect, we are all forgiven and PCC shows love the way God does – to everyone!
— Mike D.
I feel loved here...this is my family. Because by the grace of God and the fellowship here, I am changing and becoming a better Christian and a better person.
— Thomas
The people here really are the Church. They are so giving and loving and welcoming! They are really helping me teach my son what community is and all about Jesus!
— Jessica A.
This place is real. It’s a whole-hearted, sincere and genuine body of Christ that is imperfect, sometimes messy but always loving, forgiving and abounds in good works. Our pastors are trustworthy and dedicated men of God. There’s no shortage of mentors here and people at the ready to help and elevate others. People at this church love and serve Jesus.
— Matt M.
They loved me until I could love myself. They loved me unconditionally. Through the highs and lows that life has thrown at me the past 11 years. I am eternally grateful.
— Teri M.
My brothers and sisters care about me and what is going on. They pray for me and my family – whatever is going on. I feel loved and respected.
— Jolene
It is a community where we all share good times and help each other through tough times. It is a place where I am loved and accepted despite my shortcomings. My children are loved, accepted and encouraged. I am able to serve others while learning and growing closer to God. It is my family!
— Carla D.