Food Ministry

His Helping Hands Food Ministry began over 8 years ago. Through the generosity of Publix, Target and our church, we are able to provide a helping hand to around 100 people in South Tampa every Friday. Each person receives meat, produce or canned goods and bread to help feed themselves and their families.  But beyond the food  they are welcomed with coffee, pastries and a word of encouragement from the Lord through one of the volunteers.

Teresa Milano shares God's  word and offers prayer to those in need.  We also provide devotional materials, Bibles and Christian music. Ocassionally, we are able to provide extras in the form of toliet paper and tolietries. 
This ministry is blessed to have over 30 dedicated volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Sue Gambrell at

The biggest way to help this ministry is by giving canned and boxed foods on a regular basis. It is a challenge to keep our pantry stocked, but if everyone gave a little bit on a weekly basis, it would be such a help.  Of course, any and all financial donations are greatly appreciated. We spend donations carefully to get the most food for your money. Anyone can initiate a canned food drive through their workplace or  neighborhood. We have received so much food from local schools, cub/boy/girl scouts, daycare centers, etc. 

Specific needs are: canned spaghetti 'Os, canned ravioli, canned fruits and vegetables, cereals, toiletries, etc. 

Distribution of food is every Friday morning with the doors opening at 8am with coffee and pastries for all attending, a devotion given by Teresa Milano or one of the volunteers.  The food distribution is at 9am.  You are required to have a photo id and proof of residency. 

God has been so faithful in this ministry. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered, donated or prayed for His Helping Hands food ministry.  We will be celebrating 9 years of blessings in August of 2016. We are promoting a canned food drive: "9 for 9" that is donate 9 canned goods for each year of service to the Lord in this ministry.

 "The generous will be blessed, for they share food with the poor."- Proverbs 22:9